This page contains documentation on tapeouts of circuits generated with OpenFASoC, along with auxiliary files and experimental results. Source is uploaded in the openfasoc-tapeouts repository.

The tapeouts repository is included as a git submodule in OpenFASoC. To download it, run this command after having cloned OpenFASoC:

git submodule update --init tapeouts

Files will be downloaded to the tapeouts/ folder. In case they are not updated with the latest additions in openfasoc-tapeouts, run:

git submodule update --remote tapeouts

This will pull the latest commits to the submodule.

Temperature Sensor Generator:

  • Using SkyWater 130nm: mpw-1/testsetup/

    Contains a well-documented automated test setup for the manufactured chip, along with tapeout measurement results for different chip specifications.